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From An Empty Suitcase

FLASH FICTIONS and other lies, often in a sentence or less.

Protecting Yourself from

Lies, Half-Lies and Disinformation.


What Readers Are Saying

About the THIN DOOR,

"There were numerous times I was reminded somewhat of Laurie Halse Anderson’s work, and 

Wintergirls especially came to mind. That’s not to say that I thought your style was too similar or copycat at all, and I do consider that comparison a complement to your work...I love the language. Not just here, but I feel compelled to mention it now."

Beta Reader Lynn

"And the Show--! the one we're on--it's all around us, isn't it?" Beta Reader JD



Weber Mack Bio

Rhoda Weber Mack writes longform YA fiction, short stories, flash, essays, plays and poetry, some published and performed, as her way of understanding the nuances of complexity. She writes from her Treetops studio in the Hudson Valley woodland. 

Hello. Also, Introducing Myself.

We came to America, rooted in our story of our place in the world: that we were a people set apart, that we were to be in the world, but not of the world. This placed me early as an outlier observer of pop culture. Our way of life moved slowly parallel to the rush to modernity. The fence lines kept out the changing world.

But the fields of home were bounded by the unknown, and I was curious. I asked for complexity, and I got it, full-blown and sandpaper subtle. I rode the cusp of generational change in the late 20th C, and the world got a lot more complicated. A long trek through Middle Europe and Africa took me back to the beginnings of human history, and I fell through a hole in time, where the worlds I didn’t know were larger than all I thought I knew.

The original stone cottage on the family farm, with a narrow winder staircase and the aroma of smoked hams.

Telling the story, as it comes to me, gives me voice to interplay the nuances of our contradictory and shared stories. I excavate the archives, choosing the world-building stories for this peculiar time. The world we build for ourselves is construed of the stories we choose to tell and then, to believe. is a place for me to post downloads and shares, free for the taking.

If you like it, pass it on. Get first notice of new downloads here. gives me a place to talk about those other things that matter in the time-shift of the 21st century. Say hi on your way out, via the Contact page, and I'll send you Ramie's Curious Card of riddles. See how the riddles resolve themselves for you. Come back often, and bookmark for new Downloads-and-Shares. 


And I am seriously, bemused.  



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